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Crownstone Products

The Crownstone product line brings indoor localisation to our buildings and our homes. Our buildings and homes know where we are by pinpointing the location of our smartphone or BLE devices such as fitness bands or smartwatches. 

If our buildings and homes know where we are, it can automatically react to your presence and absence. This saves us energy and brings us comfort. Standby costs of devices is in itself around a 80 euro/dollar a year. Comfort resides in automating your lights when you enter a room, wake up with gradually increasing brightness of the lights in your bedroom, or getting a message when your laundry is done.

There are several versions of the Crownstones. The built-in Crownstones can be put behind power outlets or light fixtures, eloquently hidden from view. The Crownstones plugs are power plugs that can be set up in a few minutes without any worry about installation.

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