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Our homes and buildings can never be "smart" if they do not know where we are! Indoor localization is required to be able to help people to find their colleagues. Indoor localization is required to save energy. Only turn on office equipment (like printers, scanners, coffee machines, displays, etc.) if there are actually people in the office!

Crownstone Infrastructure

The Crownstone infrastructure can be used in smart offices to:

  • save energy
    • switch office equipment and lights off when nobody is around
  • find colleagues
    • know if your colleague is working from home, in a meeting room, or where he or she is in the building
  • personalize desks
    • respect personal preferences about lighting and climate

Specialized Application Partners

If you have a particular, dedicated application that also benefits from indoor localization, become a partner. Currently we have partners that can help you with:

  • emergency response (in Dutch: bedrijfshulpverlening)
  • flexible working (finding empty desks, in Dutch: het nieuwe werken)
  • 3D visualizations (insight in how a building is used)
  • navigation (turn-by-turn guidance through a large building)
  • care (home automation for elderly)
  • building automation (integration of smartphones and Bluetooth devices with conventional building automation systems)
  • healthy offices (supporting healthy behavior)
  • energy savings (office equipment can be turned off when no one is around)
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