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Crownstone hub

Crownstone hub

€165.28 excl. VAT

The Crownstone hub can be bought by select partners that are part of our early access program. (This entry is unlisted.) The hub contains a dongle which directly taps into the Bluetooth mesh formed by Crownstone devices. Its firmware is automatically kept up to date.

The hub fulfills several roles depending on the application:

  • Communicate information about wearables or assets towards (a third-party) cloud.
  • Store energy data persistently at a local storage medium (energy data that is measured by Crownstones in the mesh).
  • Allow remote control of Crownstone devices.

Each of these functions can be enabled or disabled.

The theoretical maximum number of devices per hub is 256. We recommend a hub per 32 devices (given bandwidth and latency constraints). 

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