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Guidestones (10 items)
Guidestones (10 items)

Guidestones (10 items)

€299.99 excl. VAT
The Guidestone is an iBeacon on 220-240V. It can directly be plugged into a power outlet.

The Guidestone comes with indoor localization capabilities. Benefits of the Guidestones above ordinary battery-based iBeacons:

  • A short advertisement interval means frequent updates and thus faster localization.
  • A high signal strength means more beacons visible through walls that are difficult to penetrate which increases localization accuracy.
  • Indoor localization algorithms on the phone (there are a lot of parties that use only proximity to beacons for localization, this does not work, you need to use machine learning).
  • Mesh functionality. The Guidestones communicate with each other over a mesh.

Read more about the Guidestones at the business section on the website.


CE marking: compliance with RTTE 99/5/EC and 2004/108/EC. Applied specifications/standards: EN60950, ETSI EN301 489, ETSI EN300 328. No compliance with EN50075 (form factor is slightly different from europlug).

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