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Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition
Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition
Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition
Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition

Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition

€1,514.00 excl. VAT

The Smart Home Pack - Lite Edition is meant for people who would like to upgrade their home and make it comfortable and energy efficient at once! It can best be compared with an app store with many, many apps. Some examples of functions that a Crownstone-enabled home is capable of:

  • Switch appliances or lights via the smartphone;
  • Automate the lights depending on where you are at home;
  • Save energy by switching off devices automatically;
  • Switch off dangerous devices such as an iron or electric kettle if it is turned on for too long;
  • A smart child lock that only allows a dangerous device to be turned on if an adult is around;
  • Sending a personal message to someone which will be received when someone enters a room like for example the living room, kitchen, or bedroom;
  • A wake-up light if a Crownstone is mounted behind the bedroom lights;

The Smart Home Pack allows you to partially automate your home.

  • This includes 10 built-in Crownstones.
  • This includes demonstrations and personal explanations towards the customer;
  • This includes warranty of 10 years;
  • This includes installation and configuration of the individual Crownstones by a professional installer;
  • This includes a help desk organized and depending on the agreement with your real estate developer or installer;
  • This includes checks if everything is operating correctly and communication towards the customer around deployment.

If you as a customer encounter prices that are lower than the ones mentioned, please pay attention to the following:

  • Is the system set up in such a way that it operates optimally? Is the provider clear about the quantity? Are single or dual power outlets used? Will lights individually be controlled? Are the Crownstones near each other so they actually see each other in the network?
  • Is the installer an actual professional and certified installer?
  • Is the product they are using including 10 years warranty? Ask for proof in case of doubts.
  • Will the system be completely configured by the installer or do they leave the configuration to you as a customer?
  • Is there a help desk or will you not be able to ask your questions?

If you want to get an offer for a Smart Home Pack for your particular situation, send an email to

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